Download Minecraft.

There is a huge community dedicated to creating various skins, textures, mods, and maps that can help you enhance your gameplay experience. There are a ton of different things you can choose from, you can find your favorite TV show, movie, character, superhero, video game character, among other things. The common misconception is that these things are hard to install and that only those proficient in technology can use them, but it is actually very easy to install on any device. 

First simply get your desired texture pack, it can be anything that is available online and anything that you like. Next, download a File Explorer App that can read .zip files if you don’t have one, if you already have one that you know works, simply skip this step. Some great file explorers are ES File Explorer, FX File Explorer, and RAR. Once you’ve got a file explorer that can read and access .zip files, you should then extract the .zip file into a new folder. You can choose a new folder, create one, or extract it to the same folder, it doesn’t matter. After the extraction process, select the folder file of the texture pack and then press copy. Find your way to “Android” folder, then to the “obb” folder and lastly to the “com.mojang” folder. From here look for a “resource_packs” folder and if you don’t have one simply create one and then paste your texture pack folder inside of it. Open up Minecraft, go to the “Settings” and then go to “Global Resources.” You should then be able to find your texture pack here, simply select it and then load up a game and you should find that your texture pack has already been applied. If you don’t see your texture pack from the “Global Resources”, you might’ve done something wrong or your downloaded texture pack might not be compatible with your Minecraft version. Simply try to find another one and see if that works. 

You can install and equip various texture packs on any platform that supports Minecraft, simply find the correct version and get texture packs that are compatible with your version, and you should be good to go. Minecraft is available to play on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac. Installing Minecraft is very easy, simply go into your respective app store on your device and then search for Minecraft there. You need to buy the game for around $30 in order to play it but you can avail Minecraft on your mobile phone for only around $7 if you are on a tight budget. You won’t be missing out on a lot of different features, as it is essentially the same game with a little tweaks to fit the mobile platform. On PC you can simply go to the Minecraft website here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/ and purchase and install the game from there. There are two different version to choose from, Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. Java is the most popularly used version since it has a ton of room for customization and a lot of different creators create a ton of mods, maps, and cosmetics for that version so I suggest picking up Java if you want to have a ton of choices to choose from.  

Minecraft is a massive and open-world type game that includes elements of survival and crafting. It is also a widely customizable game that allows you to add a ton of new life to your game.

Name Minecraft
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Requirements 4.2
License Free
Categories Arcade
Size Varies with device
Update Date
Author Mojang
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